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The intersection of financial education, money mindset, money habits, and positive relationships around money.

More than 41% of couples express that money causes anxiety in their relationship.
We say: your money should bring you peace and security!

Join the Ashir community where couples and families are achieving financial peace.

Avoiding those money talks with your spouse?
Date night should be fun, and money date night is no exception!

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A proven path to financial fun for couples:

  • What if money could be fun?
  • What if your finances did not overwhelm you?
  • What if you had an organized plan to make, manage and grow your finances in an easy way?
  • What if you had a system?
  • What if you felt excited about your financial future - together?

About us:

Rivky and Tsippi are obsessed with helping others get smart about their money. We come with no judgment; only excitement for improving your lives and creating an inspiring financial future – regardless of how much money you have. Combining our respective years of experience in the accounting, finance and business worlds, we are uniquely equipped to handle your specific financial and lifestyle goals.

We can’t wait for you to start having fun with your money together!

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