FleetSmart Announces All New SmartDriver for Highway Trucking Fuel-Efficiency School


Learn more about this entirely new version of FleetSmart's popular and widely used fuel-efficiency training program. Still FREE, even more effective!

Developed in consultation with a wide range of trucking industry representatives including fleet owners, equipment manufacturers, driver trainers, provincial trucking associations, regulatory agencies, and individual truckers, the new SDHT learning suite presents fuel-efficient driving strategies for today’s drivers of tractor-trailers operating in an environment of rising fuel prices and growing demands for environmental responsibility. 

The SDHT Learning Suite

SDHT offers a flexible suite of online, in-classroom, and on-road training materials geared to the needs of drivers in training, fleet drivers, and owner-operators.  The training components can be used individually or as part of a blended learning program that increases training effectiveness.

SDHT Online, which makes extensive use of animation and on-location video to demonstrate techniques, can be accessed anytime, anywhere from Internet-connected desktop and laptop computers. 

SDHT Classroom provides fleet and commercial driving schools with all the resources needed to deliver approximately three hours of high impact training.

The all-new SDHT On-Road Practicum pairs drivers and trainers for pre- and post-training drives in a cab or simulator to give drivers a chance to demonstrate and perfect the fuel-efficient driving techniques they have learned.

Blended learning integrates several approaches to increase training effectiveness.

Key Benefits

Skills learned in the program can help individual drivers to improve their fuel efficiency by up to 35% - a huge gain at a time when the fuel bill for a typical heavy-duty truck getting 45 L/100 km and travelling 150,000 km/year at $1.10/litre is about $74,250. In addition to protecting income and profits, SDHT benefits include reduced greenhouse gas emissions, less vehicle wear and tear, and increased safety.

Successful completion of SDHT earns drivers a Certificate of Achievement – confirmation for employers and fellow drivers that the certificate holder is a fuel-efficiency champion.

SDHT learning materials are available – free of charge – to drivers, fleets and training organizations.

For more information, visit the FleetSmart website at www.FleetSmart.NRCan.gc.ca, or contact the FleetSmart team by email at [email protected]


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